One and Only Path to Peace

The morning the planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the
Pentagon and that grassy meadow in Pennsylvania, I had no idea why such a large part of the
Islamic World hated the United States so vehemently.

I didn’t learn much about the Middle East or the history of Islam in school. On the day of
the attacks I didn’t know the difference between a Shia and a Sunni. I had no clue as to what
a Whahabist was and had no understanding of the 167 year old goals of Zionism.
Like everyone else I spoke with that day, we were all sickened to the bone.

We couldn’t understand how anyone in the world could hate The United States of America
so passionately that they could instantly slaughter over 3,000 innocent American civilians in
a matter of seconds. This was 28% more than the 2,335 American servicemen who lost their
lives during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

On television I watched supporters of the attacking force filling the streets of Islamic cities
all over the world; parading in celebration; burning American flags and effigies of our leaders
while shouting obscenities at our country and our people.

I was compelled to find out who attacked us and why their supporters from around the
world hated the United States of America so very much.

It took me over a year to find the answer.

Unfortunately I had to find that answer in my own backyard. When my research was
finished, I was ashamed of what the United States has been doing to the Sunni Palestinian
people ever since the end of World War I.

I learned precisely why those two teams of militant Sunni Muslim terrorists gallantly drove
their hijacked airplanes into the twin towers that morning. I came to understand the depth of
elation the third team must have felt as they guided their flying coffin into and through the
walls of the Pentagon. I learned why the forth team of militant Muslim hijackers were
striving to guide their hijacked plane into the White House.

I don’t condone or support their actions in any way but, after a year of research, I did at
least finally come to fully understand precisely why our country had been attacked.
In my search for truth, some findings were hard pills to swallow. All my life I’ve always
believed in the core values of America. In my mind our country is the best, most honest, fair,
good-hearted, humane, helpful, brave and honorable nation in the world.

Uncovering facts causing me to become ashamed of my country’s behavior in the Middle
East was an unsettling experience.

As president of my home room class in the 6th grade, I lead the pledge of allegiance to our
flag every morning while the Second World War was raging. My big brother was in the Navy fighting that war in the South Pacific and I can remember looking at that flag in the corner,
reciting the pledge each morning and praying my big brother on the other side of the world
was still alive.

I became a Cub Scout saluting our flag before each meeting. I became a Den Chief and led
others in that proud ritual. I became a Boy Scout then an Assistant Scout Master and at each
gathering we pledged allegiance to our country as we stood at attention and saluted those
broad stripes and bright stars. We were proud of our country for helping the down-trodden;
for guaranteeing freedom and justice for all; for being the land of the free and home of the

As an adult I’ve always stood at attention whenever reciting that pledge and I still place my
hand over my heart and get those goose bumps whenever the American national anthem is
played or sung. I served in the United States Army as a medic and I have always been proud
of my country for all the great and noble things it has done.

I continue to be proud of my country but not of the people and organizations that have
seized control of, and who now dictate United States foreign policy in the Middle East.
I’m particularly ashamed of those individuals who have aided and abetted Zionism’s bold,
nervy and brash eradication of the Palestinian people.

My search began in an honest effort to simply understand what was really going on in the
world so I could confidently advise my sons, if they were called to war, as to what they
would be fighting for and what they would be fighting against.

In this search for truth I tried to look through the alluring veils of propaganda flowing from
each side of the many fences dividing the Middle East. I strived to focus on irrefutable facts
that could be fully corroborated. If you think any of the dates, places, activities, characterizations or conclusions are wrong, please let me know. If I’ve failed to find truth in any regard I’d sincerely appreciate and honor an opportunity to learn more so I may adjust my understanding accordingly.

It’s not been my intention to offend any Muslim, Christian or Jew. My goal in sharing my
findings is not to polarize people with differences but rather to place facts, as I found them
to be, on the table for all to ponder. I’ve sought plain and simple answers to plain and simple
questions which will hopefully be helpful in building a path to peace for all.

I pray these findings will help motivate my fellow Americans to elect leaders who will end
our economic and military support of Zionism’s takeover of the Palestinian Territories.
Only when there is a justice for the Sunni Palestinian people can we ever hope to enjoy a lasting peace at home or in the Middle East. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Jew basher.

My best friend for over 50 years is a Jew. The cardiologist who saved my life in the middle of
my first heart attack is a Jew. Three of my attorneys are Jews. As the Chaplain of our high
school YMCA sponsored club The Saxons I was instrumental in getting my Jewish friend
Herbie into the Young Men’s Christian Association in the mid 1950’s. Because of me, my
petitions and my threat of a lawsuit Herbie became the first Jewish member ever accepted
into that Christian organization in Culver City, CA. I have many friends and business
acquaintances who are Jews. So don’t you ever dare call me a Jew basher. Jew is not a dirty word to me.

My research however has caused me to become a Zionist basher.

I’m not a basher in the military or physical sense because I’ve no interest whatsoever in
inciting people to violence against one another. I’ve always considered myself a man of
peace. I’m alerting you to my anti-Zionist feelings however, in advance of your reading this
book, so you may become watchful and super-critical about those findings which have
guided me to speak out against this international organization with a long term goal of
conquering much of the Middle East.

We all know you can’t kill an idea like Zionism with a bullet.
Only through understanding and love can we hope to help close the cover on one of the
most cruel and despicable chapters ever written in the book of man’s inhumanity to man.

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