Alex S. Hale, Certified General Appraiser, Building & Engineering Contractor, Inspector & Real Estate Agent

alex hale - monterey real estate appraisalsI’m State of California Licensed Certified General Real Estate Appraiser with over 5,000 hours of commercial and residential experience in Monterey County.  I have been a county resident for over 45 years and have a good sense of neighborhood. My license allows me to prepare appraisals on any residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural property without dollar limit and regardless of the size or complexity of the assignment.

I have over 30 years of quantity survey construction cost estimating and accounting experience in the general building and general engineering construction disciplines. I retired as manager of a large local construction company in Monterey county but continue to be a California State Licensed General Building and General Engineering Contractor Lic # 287082.

I’ve been accepted by the court as an expert witness in matters of civil engineering and general building construction. My first hand knowledge and experience in these areas allows me to recognize quality differences in design, craftsmanship, material usage and topographies. I personally do all the field investigations and research necessary to provide each of my valued clients with a credible, fair, impartial and supportable opinion of market value.

I completed the education and formal training required for the Certified General License Exam and passed it on the first try. I received an “A”  in all college courses taken to qualify for my license. I am up to date with the continuing education requirements of the Appraisal Institute.

I have done all the work necessary to formulate complete narrative summary appraisals on the following types of properties:
Single Family Dwellings, Schools, Apartment Buildings, Retail Shops, Restaurants, Condominium Conversions, Mixed Use Buildings, Fraternal Organization Recreation Centers, Commercial Office Buildings, Vacant Land Zoned for Mixed Use, Industrial Buildings, Vacant Land Zoned Commercial, Finished Residential Lots, Food Processing Plants, New Residential Subdivisions, Vacant Land Zoned Industrial, Subdividable Residential Land and Agricultural Land with Houses and Outbuildings.

A partial list of clients for whom I’ve worked include: Ayco-Goldman Sachs, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Home Savings, Bank of America, First National Bank, New Century Bank, Washington Mutual Bank, Diversified Lending, Ventana Funding, Universal Mortgage, YMCA, Salvation Army, Cal-American Water Company, Pacific Grove School District, Home Builders, Various Attorneys, Family Trusts and Individuals.


Education 1956 – 1958 Santa Monica CC Santa Monica, CA
1958 – 1961 UCLA Westwood, CA
1965 – 2007 Monterey Peninsula College Monterey, CA
Military 1961 – 1963 US Army Active Duty (Medic) Various
Professional Experience 1964 – 1993 Granite Construction Co. (Mgr) Mtry/Salinas, CA
1993 – 2005 Writer / Producer Carmel, CA
2005 – 2009 Certified General Real Estate Appraiser Carmel, CA
Active Licenses Certified General Real Estate Appraiser California License # AG 036863
General Engineering Contractor California License # 287082
General Building Contractor California License # 287082
Preferred Appraisal Assignments I enjoy the tougher assignments; those involving special purpose buidlings like schools, fraternal organizations and feasibility studies for new residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural subdivisions. I also enjoy appraising heavy industrial buildings, storage facilities and food processing plants. I appraise commercial buildings, high-end estate-sized SFD’s, condominiums, apartments, apartment to condominium conversions and mixed use properties.
First Hand Construction Experience SFD’s
Custom Estates
Industrial Subdivisions
Residential Subdivisions
Professional Office Parks
Commercial Shopping Centers
Conc Foundations & Tilt ups
Soil Stabilization, Base and Paving
Sanitary Sewer Systems
Storm Drainage Systems
Water Distribution Systems
Structural Excavation and Backfill
Concrete Curbs, Gutter, Walks & Drives.
Public Work Experience I have estimated the cost of and managed the construction of public works projects such as streets, roads, parking lots, freeways, waste water treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, concrete box culverts, pedestrian, railroad & auto bridges, military tank firing ranges, hazardous waste remediation projects, trunk sewer mains, play fields, tennis court complexes, piers, tunnels, breakwater structures and parks. I have experience with the cities of Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, Marina, Salinas, Gonzales, Soledad, Greenfield, King City and the county areas of Pebble Beach, Carmel Highlands, Carmel Valley, Castroville, Prunedale and Moss Landing.


Principles of Real Estate 54 Monterey Peninsula College Becky Jones Fall 2003 A
Legal Aspects of Real Estate 54 Monterey Peninsula College Becky Jones Fall 2003 A
USPAP 15 Hour Training 15 Allied Real Estate School Lee R. Hess 2/19/2004 A
Real Estate Economics 54 Monterey Peninsula College Chris Daniel, SRA Spring 2004 A
Central CA Market Update 4 Appraisal Institute Panelists 4/14/2004 Complete
Role of Appraiser and USPAP 2 Appraisal Institute Stephanie Coleman MAI, SRA 4/22/2004 Complete
Real Estate Appraisal 54 Monterey Peninsula College Chris Daniel, SRA Fall 2004 A
Beat The Clock 3 Appraisal Institute Karen J. Mann, SRA 8/19/2004 Complete
Gen App Income Approach 30 Appraisal Institute Gary De Weese, MAI 9/26-29/2004 Complete
USPAP 7 Hour Training 7 Appraisal Institute Stephanie Coleman MAI, SRA 6/3/2005 Complete
Prof Guide to the URAR 7 Appraisal Institute Dean Zantow, SRA 7/11/2005 Complete
Subdivision Valuation 7 Appraisal Institute Frank Harrison, MAI, SRA 1/27/2006 Complete
Seven Hour USPAP Course 7 The Appraisal Foundation Stephanie Coleman, SRA 3/12/2006 Complete
2006 Monterey Bay Market 2 Appraisal Institute Panelists 10/26/2006 Complete
The Cost Approach 3 Appraisal Institute Arlen Mills, MAI, SRA 12/8/2006 Complete
Mtry Bay Appraisal Seminar 7 OREA 07148C103 Page, Weigand,Gaglione, Harding 4/28/2007 Complete
USPAP 7 Hour Training 7 Alliled Real Estate School Roy Bottger 4/1/2009 A
FHA Appraising 7 Appraisal Institute Dawn Molitar-Gennrich, SRA 4/7/2009 Complete
California Real Estate Principle 45 Allied Real Estate School George Achenbach 4/8/2009 A
National USPAP Update 54 Allied Real Estate School George E. Achenbach 4/26/2009 Complete
Real Estate Economics 4 Monterey Peninsula College Chris Daniel, SRA Spring 2004 A
Total Hours to Date 369


Influences on Real Estate Value
Legal Influences in Appraisal
Types of Values
Economic Principles
The Valuation Process
Property Description
Highest and Best Use Analysis
Appraisal Statistical Concepts
The Sales Comparison Approach
Subdivision Valuation
Site Value
Sales Comparison Approach to Value
The Cost Approach
The Income Approach
Gross Rent Multiplier Analysis
Estimation of Income and Expenses
Operating Expense Ratios
Direct Capitalization
Cash Flow Estimates
Measures of Cash Flow
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Valuation of Partial Interests
Narrative Report Writing


Santa Monica City College 3 Biology
Santa Monica City College 5 Botany I
Santa Monica City College 3 Chemistry 2A
Santa Monica City College 2 Chem. Lab
Santa Monica City College 3 Geology 2
Santa Monica City College 3 Philosophy 20A
Santa Monica City College 3 Political Science I
Santa Monica City College 3 History 1A
Santa Monica City College 3 History 1B
Santa Monica City College 3 History 7A
Santa Monica City College 3 Psychology 1A
Santa Monica City College 3 Psychology 1B
Santa Monica City College 3 English 1A
Santa Monica City College 3 English 1B
Santa Monica City College 3 World Literature
Santa Monica City College 4 German I
Santa Monica City College 2 Art 1A
Santa Monica City College 2 Music 30A
Santa Monica City College 3 PE I (Football)
Santa Monica City College 2 PE II
Santa Monica City College 3 Speech 1A
Santa Monica City College 3 Speech 1B


UCLA 4 Elementary German
UCLA 4 Elementary Italian
UCLA 4 Italian II
UCLA 3 General Physics
UCLA 3 History of Modern Philosophy
UCLA 3 Economic Principles
UCLA 3 United States History
UCLA 3 Survey of English Literature
UCLA 3 Psychology of Learning
UCLA 3 Fundamentals of Education
UCLA 2 Contemporary Psychology
UCLA 3 Mental Measurements
UCLA 2 Social Psychology
UCLA 3 Child Psychology
UCLA 3 Abnormal Psychology


Name of College Units Course
Monterey Peninsula College 4 Engineering 191L Land Surveying
Monterey Peninsula College 3 Real Estate  52 Real Estate Law
Monterey Peninsula College 3 Real Estate 50 Principles of Real Estate
Monterey Peninsula College 3 Real Estate 53 Real Estate Economics
Monterey Peninsula College 3 Real Estate 57A Real Estate Appraisal
Monterey Peninsula College 1 Business 119A Microsoft Excel
Monterey Peninsula College 1 Business 120 PowerPoint
Monterey Peninsula College 3 English 115/515 Writing Novels into Films
Monterey Peninsula College 3 Photo 271 Film Production
Monterey Peninsula College 3 Drama 172 Film Survey
Monterey Peninsula College 3 Cinema Film Production I
Monterey Peninsula College 3 Cinema Film Production II
Subtotal Semester Units 33  



Ayco-Goldman Sachs
Wells Fargo
Home Savings
Bank of America
First National Bank
New Century Bank
Washington Mutual
Diversified Lending
Universal Mortgage
Blue Adobe Mortgage
YMCA Salinas
Salvation Army Seaside
Cal American Water Company
Pacific Grove Unified School District
Various Private Trusts and Individuals


Special Purpose Buildings Food Processing Plants
Mixed Use Buildings Farms With Outbuildings & Greenhouses
Retail Buildings Subdividable Agricultural Land
Office Buildings Non-Subdividable Agricultural Land
Subdividable Commercial Land
Finished Commercial Lots RESIDENTIAL
Restaurants Proposed Residential Subdivisions
Finished Subdivision Lots (Wholesale & Retail)
INDUSTRIAL Subdividable Residential Land
Heavy Industrial Buildings and Complexes Apartment to Condominium Conversions
Industrial Subdivisions Apartment Buildings
Subdividable Industrial Land High-End Estate-Sized Residential Properties
Finished Industrial Lots Conventional Single Family Dwellings
Condominiums and Planned Unit Developments



After being honorably discharged from the US Army at Fort Ord in 1963 I refused to return to my home town in Culver City California. While stationed at Fort Ord I had fallen in love with the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur. After five years of college, a stint as an associate editor of a southern California weekly newspaper and service to my country I took a job as a construction company dispatcher on the Monterey Peninsula to be able to stay in this area. I lived in a cabin behind the Carmelite Monastery at Point Lobos for seven years then was able to move into the Carmel Valley. I worked for Granite Construction Company for 30 years and retired in 1993 as manager of their Monterey County Branch.

As a result of my extensive construction experience in all areas of Monterey County I gained a heightened sense of neighborhood. I know all the back roads, the soil conditions and demographics and have watched neighborhoods go through periods of growth, stagnation, decline, and renewal.

In my retirement I focused on making a documentary film “Monterey Memories” which became (and still is) the most popular and best selling souvenir visitor information video and DVD ever produced on the central California coast. It is updated periodically and available for sale at such places as the Lake El Estero Visitor Center, Carmel Drug Store, Rocky Point Inn, Big Sur River Inn, Nepenthe Gift Shop, The Aquarium, various shops in Cannery Row and on Fishermans Wharf.

I mention this documentary DVD for two legitimate reasons. First of all, it demonstrates that as a 48 year resident of Carmel and Carmel Valley, I’m still very much enthused and grateful to be able to live here on the central coast. Secondly it serves to demonstrate the width and depth of my personal firsthand knowledge concerning the economic forces driving our county.

In my dealings with virtually every city and county agency involved in land planning, taxation, construction development and the building permit process, I’ve learned how to extract the public information I need to formulate substantiated opinions of current property values.

Although not born in Monterey County I permanently adopted this area as my home and I have raised seven wonderful children in it.

In 2003 I returned to college to learn how to determine the value of real estate properties. My instructor Chris Daniel asked me if I’d like to work for him in his appraisal business. I worked for Chris as an employee until the summer of 2006 when I became an independent contractor.

Chris is an extremely good but demanding teacher of real estate appraisal at Monterey Peninsula College. He is currently one the judges sitting on the county panel hearing and settling property tax disputes between the county appraiser and property owners. He has over 25 years of appraisal experience, is a past director of the Sierra Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, holds a prestigious SRA designation and has developed a reputation as being one of the most thorough, astute, knowledgable and constantly accurate appraisers in the tri-county area. I mention these facts because Chris has been my teacher, my mentor and my advisor for well over six years. I have learned and continue to learn a very great deal from Chris.

Ms. Haille Neuwirth
Appraisal Review Manager, AVP
First National Bank – Credit Administration
655 Main Street
Watsonville, CA 95076
Chris Daniel, SRA
State Certified General Appraiser
Appraisal Instructor Monterey Peninsula College
P.O. Box 5638, Carmel, CA 93921
Christopher M. Blades
Vice President – Financial Counseling
The Ayco Company, L.P. – Goldman Sachs
17900 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 794-4817
Larry Tack
Monterey County Appraiser
Monterey County Assessors Office
168 W. Alisal St.
Salinas, CA 93921
Karen Cosentino – Developer
Blackhorse Real Estate
7965 San Miguel Canyon Road
Salinas, CA 92907
Ryan Ramseyer – Attorney
Picone & Filippis Law Firm
625 N. First St.
San Jose, CA 95112